Illustrator Tutorial – Vector Halftone Effect

Illustrator Tutorial - Vector Halftone Effect

From the comments I got on the other video ( here’s how to create the vector halftone effect in Illustrator, in english! This is done entirely in Illustrator, so no need to even open Photoshop. There is a plugin that does halftones called Phantasm CS, but it’s not as free as doing it this way 🙂

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8 responses to “Illustrator Tutorial – Vector Halftone Effect”

  1. markakavinny says:

    you need to change the document mode to RGB (not CMYK) …..FIle>Document Color Mode>√RGB

  2. yeahnobodycares says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial, it was very helpful! :)

  3. Armando Manipud Jr says:

    very detailed tutorial man! good job and thank you!

  4. parkourgru says:

    i love u man. u rock

  5. Stonerkraut says:

    Thanks for the translation! :)

  6. jpfaraco says:

    Hmmm very strange indeed .. Never seen this happen =/

  7. aychpea says:

    the settings are set to default so they are all at different angles. strange.

  8. jpfaraco says:

    Check the screen angles in the Color Halftone settings. If they’re all the same, the dots come out black. Experiment with different radii for the halftone dots…

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