Fireworks Tutorial: Change Color of an Image

Fireworks Tutorial: Change Color of an Image

This Tutorial Shows How To Change The Color Of Any Image To Whatever Color You Want In Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks.
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9 responses to “Fireworks Tutorial: Change Color of an Image”

  1. wiley218 says:

    i got a ?. lets say i got a picture of myself and i want to make it
    green,yellow, with a black background so it would look just like a bob
    marley picture? could i do this?

  2. Saideth says:

    great tutorial dude!!

  3. Pikachurokz says:

    awesome…..very cool tutorial

  4. Alojzy Kowalczyk says:

    Very well described, but actually you can use the Hue/Satuation tool wich
    is located in the Effects>Color. You can find that right below the
    transparency. Just click the little cross. 😉

  5. iraisgh says:

    thank you!!! i’ve been trying to do that!! and I couldn’t but now with your
    tutorial, it so easy, thank you very much

  6. iCOoKiExO says:

    won’t that turn white things without color into color :S

  7. Afnan says:

    i have a problem : how do u blend colors in fireworks..please answer soon
    and u will get sub from me

  8. MrPancakez says:

    I like how your vid had motion blur.

  9. Jade MacDonald says:

    awesome! 😀

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