iMovie 11 Tutorial – Working with Audio – The Basics

iMovie 11 Tutorial - Working with Audio - The Basics

Quick run-through of the basics audio editing inside iMovie,This covers just about everything not obvious. For instance, I did not cover “how to drop a clip …
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18 responses to “iMovie 11 Tutorial – Working with Audio – The Basics”

  1. Daniel Slagle says:

    it should alway be in sync. If you camera has a 12 bit audio setting turn
    it OFF. You may have to use a program (like MPEG Streamclip) to convert the
    audio and video before importing it to iMovie

  2. Maggie Rudishina says:

    how do you make the audio go with the video ??? Like if the words are going
    to fast ….how do you make it even out with the video.

  3. Ethan Lyde says:

    How do you split audio? For a video I’m making I want to delete the first
    half of the music but start the edited music track to the beginning of the

  4. iMovie FAQ says:

    With tape it was 5 1/5 hours. Don’t miss those days. Still takes a while
    but it is a lot better than it used to be.

  5. 123vemund says:

    How long did it take you to import 5 and a half hours of footage? :p

  6. SilverstoneSarah says:

    Can you use the Samsung Galaxy S3 to transfer audio (using the Voice
    Recorder app) into the iMovie?? Or are phones that start with an i the only
    tool (iPhones)? Thanks.

  7. hannah robinsom says:

    hi how can i make multiples of myself on imovie ?

  8. Cornelia McPherson says:

    Sorry but in your FAQs you never mention how you separated the audio or
    added audio beneath the clips

  9. Kenneth G says:

    youre the bomb! thanks!

  10. iMovie FAQ says:

    @cluebni See screen setup video

  11. cluebni says:

    How did you get seperate audio?…I have tried to make different audio
    tracks to edit them separately? My question is how do u have the three
    different audio one below another? i cant get mine to look like that…

  12. KrellLab says:

    My problem with iMovie 11 is that the quality is not as good as iMovie 06.
    I particularly notice this when making a DVD. I’ve done several tests, and
    iMovie 06 always looks a little better.

  13. Brad Shoemaker says:

    Hi iMovieFAQ – I am using the sports theme for my sons hockey games – they
    captured on an iPhone 4 at 720p. I have a new macbookpro with 4GB Ram and
    130GB of free space. Every change I make the spinning rainbow runs for 4
    minutes. Have you had this problem and do you know how to fix it?

  14. Catweasle says:

    @jcneuman left click on your clip, there should be an option called: ‘take
    apart audio’ or so (ive got a swedish computer) click on that Then a purple
    audio bar pops up and then y you can drag your audio back and forth. (keep
    in mind that it isn’t sync anymore)

  15. Daniel Slagle says:

    @jcneuman1 Grab the audio and slide it over

  16. omnimoeish says:

    For some reason the first green line of audio in my movie is not turned on.
    Somehow that whole audio track is turned off. How do I turn it back on?

  17. applebits4u says:

    thanks iMovieFAQ, this video demonstration was helpful. liked and
    subscribed your channel.

  18. Lion Heart says:

    can you give me the link to download

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