Minecraft Tutorial: How to make craft the best fireworks

Minecraft Tutorial: How to make craft the best fireworks

How to make amazing looking fireworks in minecraft ▻▻Want more Minecraft? Subscribe http://bit.ly/P4ggLA ◅◅ Twitterhttp://bit.ly/M6BR52 Facebookhttp://on.fb….

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19 responses to “Minecraft Tutorial: How to make craft the best fireworks”

  1. wild horses says:

    i really like the 4th last one

  2. Tim Bogaards says:

    how to make after eachother?

  3. Chriszz Xtian says:

    In Creeper-Shaped Firework you can use any dye color 🙂

  4. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    Can you make a tutorial video on how to make a firework circuit?

  5. Hassen Khatab says:

    Thanx i can make a cool firework show on My server,ps thats realy cool

  6. TeresaGames says:

    Thanks So Much!

  7. Norman Magcalas says:

    Are You a Girls?

  8. CrazyCatParodys says:

    Awesome good job keep me comin

  9. maroselis says:


  10. arthur armstrong says:

    Thx ure cometating really straitened thing out for me

  11. magnus7331 says:

    ball of poo

  12. RustyTurkeyBrain2 says:


  13. dj zoltan says:

    rad coll

  14. MineGames Van Eck says:

    my pc is crashing

  15. Will H Gleave says:

    Well I’ll be sure to subscribe then 🙂

  16. drumming Bro says:

    u are smart

  17. Lesde lebirolc says:

    works thanks i can make a festival in my server!!!!!!!! 😀

  18. Ryan Wilson says:

    What is your texture pack

  19. grfff3 says:

    its just like a little kind of BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! ( 3:09 )

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