How to Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial of leg Photo

How to Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial of leg Photo

A Photoshop CC Tutorial on how to manipulate a leg photo into iron rod. software used Photoshop CC Facebook : Subscribe : www.y…
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8 responses to “How to Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial of leg Photo”

  1. SUNSH1N3 says:


  2. Mohamed Ghaith says:

    Thank you

  3. sushant kumar says:

    When you are putting a video tutorial kindly upload the assets and provide
    a link so that we can try simultaneously.

  4. Mahmoud Amer says:

    i want a photo of this video

  5. kukri52231 says:

    this photo was obviously pulled from his porn collection and cropped. haha

  6. Patrick Matheussen says:

    Excellent work !!! 

  7. ben m'barek hawa says:

    I really like the video and I want to try it but I couldn’t find a photo of
    the iron rod like the one you used :(

  8. Roscoe foster says:


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