Motion Tracking – After Effects Tutorial

Motion Tracking - After Effects Tutorial

Watch in HD or go to to view in high quality, Replace a poster using the tracker controls in AE. Rate, Comment Subscribe!
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14 responses to “Motion Tracking – After Effects Tutorial”

  1. Melissa Maple Yen says:

    Thanks bro, it did a great help to my assignment

  2. TheTorri98 says:

    Thank you very much, this was very helpful! Liked and favorited!

  3. ChamiMagi says:


  4. Krille331 says:

    Thanks, it really helped 

  5. Prath T says:


  6. DreatzZ says:

    Press: Window > Tracker

  7. LivingZombieJew says:

    Can you make a tutorial showing how to change the size of object we
    attached motion tracking to?

  8. Omer Nahary says:


  9. Havid Doegen says:

    Thank you good job.

  10. thejonathandshow says:

    great tutorial

  11. Adam G says:

    thanks for the basics bud just what i needed

  12. Blake McGinnis says:

    Very simple and very to the point. An added bonus, no shitty jokes like
    Video Copilot. Very commendable. Thank you. Please, continue the good work.

  13. MoleDownunder says:

    How about 3D text and snow affects?

  14. shepbird says:

    Awesome…I take it this will work in a video where the windows are blown
    out from sun light? I just use a photo of the windows and place in it doing
    the tracking? Thanks for the Tip………. Can you recommend any book that
    is really good for learning AF?

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