Water Ripple Tutorial 3ds max

Water Ripple Tutorial 3ds max

In this quick tip tutorial for 3ds max, we’ll see how we can create a water ripple animation just using a simple space warps, animating its phase and changin…
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15 responses to “Water Ripple Tutorial 3ds max”

  1. Dipta Bagchi. says:

    i am fine

  2. Dipta Bagchi. says:

    How are you

  3. devil0047 says:

    thanks… awesome

  4. jakoxn says:

    Can you help me mate, at 0:55 you say; “And I used the la-da-da-da-da
    shader” what are you saying there? 🙂

  5. barrelocheezy says:

    Does this work with cube shapes too?

  6. 1czyms says:

    thx , great tutorial…i’ve done the same thing with reactor so, that go to
    show you, you can can get the effect a couple of different ways.

  7. Kitsune Shan says:

    A 360p tutorial uploaded on 2011? Why? D:

  8. Sean Campbell says:


  9. Colorfulsalmon says:

    Vote for Pedro.

  10. tareqxhadrab says:

    hello how can i make connection between mass fx and cloth lke rigid bodies
    and cloth in reactor befre thanks

  11. Lorenzo Gambino says:

    he says arch and design water shader 😉

  12. jakoxn says:

    Cheers mate 🙂

  13. Kalina Borkiewicz says:

    Helpful tutorial for ripples, but unnecessarily long… We don’t need 10
    minutes of you trying to find the right materials and lighting; just get to
    the ripples! That’s why we’re watching!

  14. Sanjaya Karalliyadda says:

    thank u very much

  15. LilBizzyl says:

    fell asleep…..

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