C# Tutorial 21: Display selected row from datagridview to TextBox in C#

C# Tutorial 21:  Display selected row from datagridview to TextBox in C#

Moving Datarow from datagridview to textboxes‎ Passing data from selected row in DataGridView to c# – how to load selected data from database and display in …
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14 responses to “C# Tutorial 21: Display selected row from datagridview to TextBox in C#”

  1. Nélida Santos says:

    Thank you so much!!!! :D

  2. edward au says:

    how about datagridview to datetimepicker?

  3. nackyding says:

    Thank you! You have an awesome playList. I’m very grateful. Thank you again

  4. Joshua Santos says:

    it works BUT you need to use the codes that he used in his past videos C#
    Tutorial 13:Show database values in Table or DataGridView C# Tutorial 20:
    Change column title of datagridview when connecting Mysql if you did not
    use his codes from the past videos then the exact codes presented here wont
    work. P.S: I’m using sql server btw so i don’t exactly copy the codes word
    for word. I just replace the mysql codes to its corresponding sql server
    codes.. just saying

  5. Vasileios Koug says:

    CellContentClick doesnt worked for me , I used CellClick private void
    dataGridView1_CellClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e){}

  6. kjagal says:

    i am trying to type information in different cell blocks and have all the
    info shown either inside a textbox (non-editable) or ?? …. what’s the
    code for that plz .

  7. Stig Salskov Iversen says:

    Thanks for the video. This example works better if you use this event
    instead: private void dataGridView1_CellClick(object sender,
    DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)

  8. John Doe says:

    I have faced with the same problem. Even though I couldn’t understand why
    it couldn’t find the name of the cell, I solved my problem with using Index
    Numbers of those columns. The first column in left in DataGridView has
    Index 0. By calculating this, you can find every column’s index.

  9. Ronald Rodriguez says:

    doesnt work!!

  10. zohaib ali says:

    can someone help me out .. i am stuck on some logic or if someone can send
    me the code for my problem..my problem is .. i have datagridview i upload
    an excel sheet on the grid now the thing is i want to insert that data to
    database .. will someone help ??? my email is alizohaib38@gmail.com

  11. Smallnhot Sarah says:

    Thank you so much ! is there anyway to create radio button in datagridview
    ? kindly assist..

  12. Asim Pedic says:

    Problem: you use CellContentClick event and if you miss content of cell
    eventhandler isn’t called Solution: instead of CellContentClick event use
    CellClick event.

  13. Yanky Kalifornia says:

    thank you nice video dude

  14. ibell lyheang says:

    I waitted your asnwer so long time sir

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