AE Tutorial: Cinema 4D & After Effects CS6 3D Camera Tracker – Part I

AE Tutorial: Cinema 4D & After Effects CS6 3D Camera Tracker - Part I

Psynaps does a (two part) step-by-step tutorial with commentary and software visuals on how to use 3D camera tracker in AE CS6, and integrate the AE camera t…

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14 responses to “AE Tutorial: Cinema 4D & After Effects CS6 3D Camera Tracker – Part I”

  1. Lemmingify . says:

    not gonna lie your voice sounds like the male version of the portal ladies
    voice xD awesome video.

  2. rsmrt says:

    Thanks Ari, my PC (at the time this video was made) is a i5-2500k 3.3Ghz
    processor, Gigabyte motherboard, 8GM ram, Radeon HD 6800 series graphics

  3. Andrija Erjavec says:

    hey thanks a lot please make part two quick

  4. sinroysin says:

    Dude once again your amazing if there is 1 person on this world i would
    like to see become big its you ! you deserve more viewers and i will do my
    best to help you man !

  5. Thescarwing says:

    is it inportant to make i a image sequense

  6. rsmrt says:

    Thx for the sub and comment Holycrush!!

  7. MrMagkinn says:

    hey wondered if u could make a insane intro to my live stream and youtube
    videos 🙂 please mes me back -magkinn

  8. George Scott says:

    Thank you for replying. Yes i am interested in both C4D and AE6 tutorials
    😀 I would like to make a YouTube channel sometime but i 1st want to learn
    how to edit and how to make an intro so i would be very great full i you
    was to post the second part to this tutorial. xD

  9. Tríumf DK says:

    really awsome i subbed after the new pally montage!! best edit in a

  10. allardm3 says:

    this is the beste tutorial i’ve ever seen. The video AND sound is good and
    it’s very clear what to do:D

  11. Rawegg1994 says:

    Thank you for the Great content very well spoken 🙂 +1 sub

  12. Marko Bottego says:

    @In After Effects CS5.5 I can import a 3D Photoshop model, how can I do
    this in the CS6 version?

  13. rsmrt says:

    Thanks for the comment WinnysChannel, my microphone is the Zoom H1, and I
    use Adobe Audition to edit the audio. I talk more about my mic in my
    tutorial on voice overs for youtube if you are interested:

  14. EditIT ! says:

    Hi! Nice tutorial man i love your tutorials but i have something to ask you
    so please contact me!

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