After Effects Tutorial: Furran Space Intro

After Effects Tutorial: Furran Space Intro

Wassup guys! Baker here! I think it was someone on facebook that asked me to do this tutorial, so I messed around with element and came up with this! I hope …
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22 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: Furran Space Intro”

  1. Maximiliano Victor says:

    this is the best one I’ve ever seen!!

  2. Giga EffectsHD says:

    good job man

  3. TheVizious Edit says:

    11:56 awesome effect!

  4. FR3SHLYAK says:

    i cant download the earth model :/

  5. Twistex says:

    haha Dude 11:58 I died…

  6. JJayBrah says:

    have you got Sony Vegas pro 12?? if so could you do tutorials on that

  7. Neal Weinstein says:

    how much would a intro like this go for?

  8. InGlorious Gaming says:

    Best part come on optical flares come on FUCK

  9. SwishDZN says:

    11.50 FUUUUUUU……. Cut off

  10. UltraOptical says:


  11. Zorig Chuluunbaatar says:

    where can i download the effect or google earth all thad effect ??

  12. L7 Oscar says:

    ctrl alt y

  13. Charles Li says:

    can anyone help me where can i get a adjustment layer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. XxOTheEpicCrewOxX . says:

    go to the top, click layer, new, adjustment layer

  15. MrEvilEdits says:

    11:58 HAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH looove your reaction<3

  16. Trey Blake says:

    I love your videos man! You’re a ton of help. Keep them coming!!!!

  17. DJ BRINGLES says:

    Great work , still funny when your cursed.

  18. SooWickedd says:

    in my element there are no presets :’c

  19. PAIN Dyz says:

    11:59 loool

  20. xPendeLx says:

    Please make a tutorial on this:

  21. Publiciogy says:

    does this work for cs5?

  22. byZukko says:

    what kind of program is that?

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