After Effects Tutorial: Motion Tracked Lock-On

After Effects Tutorial: Motion Tracked Lock-On

Pretty sick huh?! Just like my throat :/ Anyways, make sure to leave a like for this sweet tutorial, if you have any suggestions, make sure to check out the …

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21 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: Motion Tracked Lock-On”

  1. KinEdits says:

    dat voice sound effects…

  2. aboud1ee says:

    Something is wrong for me here when i come to the part where i decrease the
    expansion at 3:27 the circle becomes uneven likeif i decrease to near the
    box it becomes shaped like a lemon. and when i set it to wiggle it spins
    around weird outside and inside the circle not maintaining a perfec
    circular course. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  3. 4KGamesFTW says:

    It’s Bank Cothic

  4. Soapyy Editz says:

    @ralph LePera he used bank gothic

  5. Seraphic Ghost says:

    what font did you use for the locating ? i cant read it

  6. EGCNexceeR says:

    love ur mouth sound effects! :O

  7. Ass4ssinCinema says:

    I love you (No Homo) the BEST TUTS EVER

  8. montyIB says:

    I worked out how to do this before the tutorial but never realised the
    outer box was a search area! Thanks baker, even if it wasn’t exactly what
    this was about. (;

  9. BakersTuts says:

    @ShiftzFX did u move all attributes?

  10. elat4lolz says:

    do one for bwaaaon bass hit wub wub wub wub

  11. inOVERDRIVE95 says:

    @iBaNdRz think its control + D and for mac command + D . helped ?

  12. VibeItUpHD says:


  13. VibeItUpHD says:

    wait nevermind

  14. Anthrax says:

    just used this, wuv you baker :3

  15. VizaaOG says:

    i swear if it wasn’t for you man id still be sitting in Sony Vegas feeling
    like a complete retard at editing I LOVE YOU BAKER!!! 😀

  16. BXminorGame says:

    your sound awesome 😀

  17. IMMORTAL1417 says:


  18. Hossac says:


  19. Cas Ferno says:

    when i hold alt on the rotation it does nothing, am i sopuse to to click
    alt and click on the timer rotation thingy at the same time?

  20. NiggaCamo says:

    @FlyAway899 NO BITCH U GAY

  21. ReapZzzFateL says:

    hahaha at bakers mouth effects

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