Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 23: Developing a Macro (Training Tutorial)

Learn Lightroom 5 - Part 23: Developing a Macro (Training Tutorial)

In this, Episode 23 of Learn Lightroom 5, I demonstrate how to develop a macro image in Lightroom 5. In the video, I mentioned that on Adobe’s website you ca…
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10 responses to “Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 23: Developing a Macro (Training Tutorial)”

  1. ryan irving says:

    Dude I Lightroom 5 also n I just did everything u did in this video step by
    step an my pic came out just like what u have ur so awesome I did a
    butterfly I download off the internet…. I will post it on Instagram
    #Lifeguardryan @Instagram 

  2. Edward Lee says:

    Your videos are great. Thanks for all your time and effort. Some people
    may not enjoy your side comments on camera or lens, but I think many of us
    appreciate the extra info.

  3. MrIgriX says:

    i thik there is too much contrast, it looks unreal. but it’s my opinion 🙂
    about butterfly at ~22:00

  4. sjlarue1 says:

    Hey Anthony,
    I understand what you are saying about the histogram. And I can’t remember
    if you mentioned this any earlier in the series… However, something that
    the histogram does in Lr is that you can also control the exposure areas
    that the basic panel controls (Blacks, Shadows, Exposure, Highlights, and
    Whites.) I like using it that way because, you can keep the histogram
    open, and close the basic panel, and work on then if you are working with a
    brush or gradient, or one of the other control panels, you can adjust the
    exposure controls without opening back up the basic panel.

  5. Karin Pienaar says:

    Tony, you are absolutely AWESOME and THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge.
    Wonderful to know that we are not all the same, me on the other hand,
    loves the contrast! 

  6. Loddez says:

    Your vids are great, but there is one thing that I think you should do
    better. Try keeping focus on what your video is about. I came to learn
    about develop a Macro photo, not to hear you talk about all sorts of
    irrelevant things (such as your lens, how to find lens correction etc). Try
    to be a little more efficient. I get bored, and I don’t think I’m the only
    one. Don’t get me wrong, the vids have a lot of good information, but I
    searched for a specific topic for a reason. 

  7. Haris Savvaidis says:

    Very nice tutorial! Thnaks for all that information!!
    I have a question…isn’t that better to do the “masking” first and
    sharpening next, in order to be able to max a little more the sharpening?

  8. Gustavo Donado says:

    Tony: really a VERY nice video with lots of details on how to process macro
    photos. I went to the same Niagara falls butterfly farm but don’t remember
    if I brought my Tamrom macro lens. One quick question regarding these
    pictures: did you use a tripod? Thanks again for your amazing work!

  9. håkan anderberg says:

    Thanks Anthony 🙂

  10. Juanito Caballes says:

    Oh boy another one!!! thank you…… a lot to learn and you made it fun!!!

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