Excel 2007 Tutorial 7 – Worksheet Operations

Excel 2007 Tutorial 7 - Worksheet Operations

Worksheet operations Name Range, Data Validation, Hide Worksheet, Protect Workbook.
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24 responses to “Excel 2007 Tutorial 7 – Worksheet Operations”

  1. Yokesh Fame says:

    Thank you

  2. Sa Ra says:


  3. NaSoS says:

    I have to congratulate for your tutorials!! You helped me refresh my
    knowledge and even learn some new basics as well!

  4. 10minutetrain . says:

    You can hightlight the cells and then choose the data validation option
    again. In the data validation menu there is a “Clear All” button on the
    bottom left.

  5. MrHashimania says:

    THANKS. but the the protect thing in 06:26 did not worked with me

  6. tolisrouf says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorials.They are very helpful.good work

  7. Shirley Brady says:

    Thank you Rick! Your tutorials are the bomb! I appreciate all the time you
    took to make them. Thank you very, very much!

  8. 10minutetrain . says:

    I don’t quite understand what is occuring. However, it sounds possible that
    there are hidden columns. You can try to highlight the top left column and
    select to the left. Then right click and choose unhide. Otherwise, you can
    send me your example sheet via email. There is a link on my website.

  9. avatarofm says:

    Great! Thanx a lot man!

  10. grover chick says:

    this is a great tutorial, but im SO confused about the list thing for the
    states. I have made the list and got it on a drop down but for some bizzare
    reason if i put something incorrect into the cell it doesnt come up with
    the warning thing to tell me so, it just carrys on as normal. ive tried for
    about 10 minutes to work out why but im just confused :S

  11. jemoy smith says:

    Hello, to add a State or City to the list you go to name manager, and you
    can either edit, delete or add a new state etc. i have added a new state
    name but it does not show up on my drop down list. why is this, please

  12. 10minutetrain . says:

    A simple way to make the change is to go to the list and modify it by
    adding or deleting. Then go to the Formulas menu and select Name manager
    and edit your defined list name. It will let you modify the range, etc.

  13. 10minutetrain . says:

    @ConilMars Go look at the 2:00 minute mark and it should cover it. Later in
    the video at in the range above I show you how to edit the range.

  14. jayant shekhar says:

    Great videos. I’m doing a few videos on a daily basis and I should be up
    and running with excel within a week. Thanks!

  15. LordLacerda says:

    thanks man… this is helping me alot… keep the good work…

  16. dabney dane says:

    how do you record these tutorials? is there an app or something?

  17. The unknown akatsuki says:

    Thanks Mate,It Helped Me. 🙂 Keep It Up 😀

  18. 10minutetrain . says:

    You can handle this in one of two ways. Option one, you can format the cell
    as “Special” category and choose zip code as the type. Option two is to
    format the cell as Custom and then type 5 zero’s in the Type area.

  19. Edmael Remy says:

    I’m Learning a lot! thank you!

  20. husegul says:

    thanks so much

  21. stvba says:

    1) If you have an Excel File with multiple worksheets, and you follow the
    direction in this video re: List, does the list/drop-down menu you make
    apply to all worksheets/tabs in this Excel File? 2) If the worksheets are
    already made and you are preparing to initiate a major updating project,
    can I make a List/Drop-Down menu mid-stream – going forward? Thank you!

  22. Reuben Cartagena says:

    I followed your steps on data validation for the zip codes. When I entered
    a zip code like 88978 it worked but it would restrict me when I entered
    06106 which has the same number of digits. I think it has to do with the
    zeros. How can I make it work with zeros? Thanks

  23. baloonia1 says:

    I’m working in OpenOffice 3.4.1 and to change the Data Validation options
    you have to go to Data->Validity..-> and under Criteria you have to select
    not List but Cell range and then select the Source that is STATE without
    the Equals (=) symbol if I remember right. As for changing the Text lenght
    it’s not working for me for some reason.

  24. GalaxyS21411 says:

    Thank You again. 🙂

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