Cool trick in iMovie

Cool trick in iMovie

Here’s a tutorial on how to make the CAMERA effect iMovie ’09!

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18 responses to “Cool trick in iMovie”

  1. Adam Rowley says:

    what the fuck in an “eycun”??

  2. Jake Harvanchik says:

    sweet trick cool for a spy movie or something

  3. Filam Mom says:

    I like it…I’m about to give that a try..Thanks for the tip..

  4. julien gomis says:

    you smell like shit shit and you look like a fucking dick

  5. Sherlock Homie says:

    ummmmm gay

  6. NinjaSassinAsian Hip Hop says:

    what is i used a 1billion frame/sec?

  7. Leah Machen says:

    Lol it’s harry styles!!!! As a child

  8. ferry wortelboer says:

    When I try to change the duration of the transition section whatever I do it changes it to 30 seconds I cannot change it to 0.8 seconds. Could you help me?

  9. Marcus Freed says:

    great vid. thanks for the tipoff! good luck with your projects – you deserve big success!

  10. Marcus Freed says:

    ianskatebsp – do you have a sample clip of what you mean? it would be cool to see!

  11. Mike Sullivan says:

    he reminds me of the guy off Kick ass. lol

  12. flowerdog41 says:

    i know a different way to do that!

  13. RyanXavire21 says:

    I love how you keep saying theres something missing

  14. thedarrch says:

    How are you screen recording?

  15. BMANJake14west says:

    please check out my channel

  16. Ben Sparkes says:

    you can do that on video to, I’m using it on the screen recording for the film I am making. Thx for the tip tho :)

  17. Vanxiao23 says:

    your such a genius btw!

  18. Vanxiao23 says:

    here goes nothing! <3 thank you veryyyy much

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