Photoshop Tutorial – 11 – Ruler Guides

Photoshop Tutorial - 11 - Ruler Guides

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19 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial – 11 – Ruler Guides”

  1. Erga Sonnenberg says:

    thank you!!

  2. vivek trivedi says:

    how to add youtube video links to an android apps please make a tutorial on
    that i want links to open in the application with multiple viewing quality
    choices please help. and how do my app will automatically check for new
    updates? (in my case buy the latest version) in short i want to make an app
    just like this app but with other movies in my mother toungue
    d means .

  3. ColCoolman says:

    the video suggestion’s thumbnail view was bugging me so much because it
    totally looked like john lennon to me too. so i just had to click on the
    vid to check it out for a closer look. very similar to lennon. this is a
    great photo too. ill be damned if my family ever learned to use a camera.

  4. True Power of Teamwork says:

    Does he know how to use Game Maker?

  5. Matt Konja says:

    Love these videos, but where is our java mmo?

  6. darkdevil905 says:

    hey Bucky i know probably most people already told u this and i know it’s a
    bit annoying but when do u plan to put out the 2D MMORPG with java, i would
    love to see you finishing up those tutorials, u promised it 2 months ago :/
    Thanks, sincerely Arthur PS: Don’t forget to finish your photoshop
    Tutorials 😛

  7. KuDeGrasBonVoyage says:

    Bucky looks like his dad!

  8. Hell says:

    Nice tutorial!

  9. 06khank says:

    what job do you have ? Youve done sooo many different types of programmers.

  10. acrosser8 says:

    We want you to stop speaking for us. We want him to do whatever he wants
    to. He just survived the wilderness for 10 days. We should be thankful he
    is alive, let alone providing us with awesome funny free tutorials. Keep it
    up Bucky! Whatever the topic! (+1 on the picking up ladies one — I would
    love to see you try that!)

  11. endj111 says:

    These are awesome, but since you’ve done premiere pro and now photoshop,
    you should do abode flash/actionscript tutorials to keep up with adobe
    programs. After basics of actionscript, you should do flash game

  12. MrPotatoMadness says:

    Why isn’t it? Surely the upload wouldn’t take too long anyways. I’m sure a
    guy like Bucky has a pretty decent internet connection 😀

  13. DarkScythe97 says:

    I found GameMaker a good place for starting game development and getting
    used to creating games. Unity is a 3d game engine so if you wanted to make
    2d games and have experience you should use java or flash.

  14. أبو صطيف says:

    We want you to finish “JavaScript” tutorials 🙁 ..

  15. Dimitris Boumparis says:

    bucky, I’m a big fan of yours but I wanna mention something to this video.
    You didn’t mention that we can tell photoshop where to create a guide just
    by going [View > New Guide…] and that in the box you fill your pixels or
    a percentage (eg 50%). Thanks for your great work! Go on!

  16. xecoq says:

    lol @ baby bucky

  17. Braden Best says:

    You can clearly make out every important detail, and the subject matter is
    obvious. HD just isn’t needed for this video :/

  18. MrStereotypist says:

    So… Wilderness Q&A?

  19. Kinnay says:

    With those rulers you’re like a tiger in a cage

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