CSS Rounded Corners: Dreamweaver Tutorial

CSS Rounded Corners: Dreamweaver Tutorial

Hey guys! In this tutorial we will take a look at creating a fixed width, rounded corners text box using two simple images we create in Photoshop. You will learn a little about writing CSS code and working with images and CSS as well as some other cool useful tips and tricks. Follow me on Twitter! www.twitter.com Be sure to check out www.tutvid.com Check out the blog @ http

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25 responses to “CSS Rounded Corners: Dreamweaver Tutorial”

  1. Felician Galgau says:

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  2. Felician Galgau says:

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  3. connor mcintosh says:

    hey check my videos out please there is website making

  4. MRL676 says:

    does not work in dreamweaver……

  5. nutcrackproductions says:

    Thanks :) saves me watching the 17min long vid lol

  6. LaurentiuWilliam says:

    find the V

  7. raja rehman says:

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  8. Prasanga Madhusanka says:

    Thanks.That’s best

  9. hai everyone says:

    how can i shadow in using photoshoop image in this same

  10. hai everyone says:

    this code does not work in ie6 ie7 ie8

  11. blancfilms says:

    CSS3 for the win.

  12. B1KMusic says:

    I made a circle

    jsfiddle.net /kLSHT

    u jelly?

  13. AmerICANLAFafter says:

    Thanks, that’s all I really wanted to know. lol

  14. zonuke123456789 says:

    Good tutorial but the problem when you try to put without grandient image from photoshop with one image do not work when i crop them only with one single image can show all grantient images effects.
    This method is good only for simple image with simple color without grantient it does not work.

  15. altpath says:

    Good stuff. It took me months to figure this stuff out on my own. Nice to see folks putting up instructional videos on this.

  16. jamiethesurfer says:

    Who cares, if IE can’t keep up with web standards, then people will just simply stop using it, and save us all a lot of trouble in the process.

  17. sk8bamsk8 says:

    I love you friend!!!

  18. newbielives says:

    For those rounding corners with only css let me ask you how does it look in IE 😉

  19. Averagejoe644 says:

    Thanks Tut…what you’re doing is just what i need. Thanks mate. Keep em coming bro…you explain it well. J

  20. ZepMovies says:

    thanks for the tutorial 😀

  21. smokenfly514 says:


  22. thinkdreamweaver says:

    Hey Andrew… you almost got it… why do you have two files top and bottom… here is a more productive technique my friend – and more flexible for changes – I have 24 year of Adobe master techniques (since 1987) – if there is a faster better way.. I know it – youtubeDotCom/thinkdreamweaver and search: Dreamweaver CSS create rounded corner webpage with div tags od course html5 CSS3 solves all of this – good luck Robert- follow my twitter @adobevideos or @thinkadobe

  23. butlerreuben says:

    I tried the


    css but it doesnt seem to work within multiple divs for some reason.

  24. Marshalmapy says:

    Great tut. Thank you!!

  25. Петя Наумова says:

    Very nice vid

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