WP Photo Album Plus WordPress Plugin Tutorial

WP Photo Album Plus WordPress Plugin Tutorial

In this wordpress tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add a photo gallery to your website using the WP Photo Album Plus WordPress Plugin. More wordpress tuto…
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11 responses to “WP Photo Album Plus WordPress Plugin Tutorial”

  1. Cool Tony says:

    Excellent tutorial, thank you

  2. Luis Fernando Diaz Rojas says:

    Very easy to understand. Good job. Thank you so much

  3. ASK Design says:

    Very cool video, thanks for sharing. There’s a minor incompatibility with
    another plug-in. I noticed that your html editor had a slideshow button. I
    didn’t have that button. So, I investigated and discovered that when I
    de-activate another plug-in (Ultimate TinyMCE ), the slideshow button

  4. Compete Now WordPress Tutorials says:

    Glad you thought so!

  5. Simon Scheldeman says:


  6. verba1968 says:

    you can do to make the pictures on the main screen was clickable

  7. Joshua Wysowaty says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. How can I make multiple albums appear on one page
    as tiles. right now when I do this they appear as rectangles in the center
    of the page. I have many albums to post on one page, so the current setup
    would make for a very long page. A column of three tiles that represent an
    album would make things easier for visitors and would look much better.

  8. djdoubleg1200 says:

    Thank you for your video new to WP but this was much help

  9. Bart Timberlake says:

    I am a web developer and I created some video tutorials for the use of
    wordpress. WordPress developers say that it’s the most complete wordpress
    course of 2013. Want to learn more? check out my channel. I posted a link
    for this amazing course.

  10. Mario Fischer says:

    hi, thanks for this great tutorial! i understand for the Lightbox Effect i
    need to install an additional plugin to get it work. but which one? i cant
    find it! please help thanks a lot & greetings

  11. Compete Now WordPress Tutorials says:

    Hey Mario, there is a link to download the plugin in the video description.
    I do not think I have used the lightbox effect. Would suggest reading
    through the plugin documentation to find that info.

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