Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: 9 Square Photo Collage

Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: 9 Square Photo Collage

Learn how to create a 9 square photo collage in this photoshop cs5 tutorial!

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15 responses to “Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: 9 Square Photo Collage”

  1. Evelin Radoslavov says:

    picasa collage try it :)

  2. Mary Duprie says:

    Thank you… researched this subject a lot, yours was the best. Watched it
    at 20 times. Now I can make my own templets!

  3. skygolfeur says:

    Nice and easy 😉

  4. Justthisgood says:

    I do usually try to explain the long way and the keyboard shortcut, that
    one is layer-create clipping mask

  5. The Bass says:

    Best tutorials on the inernet.

  6. Jane Cox Photography says:

    Thanks so much. i’ve been putting off learning how to do this but you have
    made it very clear and simple. And you have added the details like how to
    make a stroke round each box which is exactly what I needed to know.

  7. Yengsta95 says:

    Thanks ! YOUR AWESOME !

  8. Justthisgood says:

    you can also use right click > duplicate

  9. moviemadnessxo says:

    command j is ctrl j on windows..

  10. shivan mendis says:

    nice work bro, please can u show us how to make the here to inspiree QUOTE
    on instagram thanks

  11. CreationsForTs3 says:

    Great tutorial!

  12. biterocco says:

    Just put this tutorial into practice. Thank you got a wonderful result.

  13. Stephanie Barker says:

    This video is not playing?? Am I the only one?? :-/

  14. Biranjan raut says:

    just dropping by to say thanks for the tutorial

  15. Marie Smith says:

    Great Tutorial. How do you do it for 4 squares what would be the pixel size
    for the fixed size? and what would be the dimensions in inches. Thanks! 🙂

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