3ds Max TUTORIAL – Car Rigging Tutorial, Advanced Car Rig Ferrari Enzo

3ds Max TUTORIAL - Car Rigging Tutorial, Advanced Car Rig Ferrari Enzo

Check what you can do with this rig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNDfABLJ8uE Copy and paste Float expression for suspension damping travel (works without a…
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6 responses to “3ds Max TUTORIAL – Car Rigging Tutorial, Advanced Car Rig Ferrari Enzo”

  1. Kornél Sevinger says:

    At me, the suspension had a little strange movement, it goes down a bit at
    the middle even if you push the lower part upwards. Im used
    this(p1-0.06-0.5*p1) expression instead. Its actually harder to setup
    because i just write it in hurry, but its more realistic.
    BTW at the orientation constraint part(41:20), i think its a good idea to
    add the other dummy as orientation target too, and weight them 50-50.

  2. Howard Smoot says:

    My back wheels turn (steer)! help!

  3. AAron Production - Visionlore says:

    you probably linked back wheel dummies to steering controler.. or the
    wheels themselves.. first solution is break the link of wheels and re link
    them to the correct dummy .. check if when you steer some of the back
    dummies steer as well.. if not then you probably just linked the
    wheels…if yes you back linked dummies to steering..break link and re link
    them according to wheel hubs linking pattern..if thats of any help 🙂

  4. AAron Production - Visionlore says:

    try to rerun the part with dummies at axle and above.. hard to tell what
    screwed up… after you finish inner upper dummy wont move (pitch roll) but
    the outter upper dummy (one you actual grab to animate) should move along
    when you move wheel hub for spring and damping motion

  5. Music Digest says:

    nice video – cool tutorial, excellent 🙂

  6. AAron Production - Visionlore says:

    just realize that inner upper dummy stays in place when you spring wheels
    or when you move IK chain with outter upper dummy…IK chain moves as an
    average between inner upper dummy one that stays in place and outter upper
    dummy (one you control pitch and roll with)… also re link upper dummis to
    the axle dummies.. cuz if they are not linked.. they wont move with car
    when you grab overall car controler (circle in front) my guess.. RE-Link
    upper dumies or do them again

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