CSS Tutorial 7 – Styling Text

CSS Tutorial 7 - Styling Text

In this video, we talk about styling text using CSS, which we have actually done before in other tutorial videos – just not as in depth! This video explains …

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2 responses to “CSS Tutorial 7 – Styling Text”

  1. TechnicalCafe says:

    Thank you for the tip, Pavel Nam! I appreciate it! I can see how creating
    one CSS rule to change multiple things would be more efficient and easier
    than creating multiple rules! Thank you again for watching the
    TechnicalCafe tutorial videos, and if you have any questions, comments, or
    suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask! – Jamie

  2. Pavel Nam says:

    Thanks man! but instend of: font-family: Arial: font-style: italic;
    font-weight: bold; I suppose we can put down: font-family: Arial bold
    italic; It is working too and easier…

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