HTML Tutorial 27 – Multipage Website (Part 1)

HTML Tutorial 27 - Multipage Website (Part 1)

In this tutorial, we talk about how to create a website that has multiple pages, such as “Home”, “About”, “News”, and “Contact”, using HTML! We also talk abo…
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12 responses to “HTML Tutorial 27 – Multipage Website (Part 1)”

  1. Adam Jayyusi says:

    I like your videos, they are short and very informative!

  2. MrFangclan says:

    I cannot for the life of me figure out divs. I tried watching that video
    twice. I paused it everytime they were used in both that video and the
    profile page and it still won’t work. I use textwrangler for the mac could
    it possibly be the program? Is there anyway I can send you the file which
    pretty much includes nothing since I want to use divs to orientate the
    entire page of the main page. Thank you so much.

  3. Plamen Dobrev says:

    [center]? Really? 😀 i know that’s 2012, but still…

  4. TechnicalCafe says:

    Elliot, I apologize if I spoke too quickly while recording this (and other)
    tutorial videos, which may have hindered you from being able to take in and
    understand the information. If you have any questions about anything,
    please feel free to send me a YouTube message or e-mail (via the
    TechnicalCafe Contact page) and I’d be more than happy to help you out
    where I can. Thank you for watching, and again, I apologize if I spoke too
    quickly in this and other videos. – Jamie

  5. TechnicalCafe says:

    The HTML files were all created using NotePad++ on a laptop running Windows
    Vista. I created a folder, called “site”, which was on the Desktop, so that
    I could easily find and organize the files that were included in this
    website. Then, I just linked to the files that were in the folder, which
    you can do by using either the “../fileName.html” structure, or by using
    the direct path to the file. Please feel free to send me a message if you
    have any other questions, comments, or suggestions!

  6. TechnicalCafe says:

    If you have an HTML file that’s in a different folder than your webpage and
    would like to link to it from that webpage, you can do so by using the
    “../folderName/fileName.html” directory structure, if a file is in another
    folder in the super directory (the next level up). However, if the file is
    in the super directory (next folder up) and is not within another folder
    within the super directory, you can simply link to it by using the
    “../fileName.html” directory structure.

  7. Milan Weedman says:

    maybe im stupid but i was hoping to see exactly how the files were created
    and organized.

  8. Elliot Poots says:

    you know what screw it i cant keep up i will watch how to join the
    different pages on this vid then go watch a different tutorial that is
    maybe like a tutorial not a race to build the website first.

  9. Elliot Poots says:

    wow you need to slow down like loads this is a tutorial right, slow down

  10. AlexReyesInHD says:

    How could a link to a file thats in a different folder?

  11. TechnicalCafe says:

    Are you referring to me using the “center” tags to center content within a
    div or just using them in general? While the use of the “center” tags may
    not be the most “correct” way of centering text and other elements, they do
    still work, and even though, according to the w3Schools website, they are
    no longer supported in HTML 5, the “center” tag may still a useful thing to
    know! I know CSS may be better for this sort of thing, though!

  12. TechnicalCafe says:

    Haha, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, comments,
    or suggestions, either on this video, or anything else! Thank you for

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