Illustrator Tutorial – Dotted Lines

Illustrator Tutorial - Dotted Lines

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make dotted lines in Illustrator. The effect is very easy and customisable. Written tutorial at: http://terryma…

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25 responses to “Illustrator Tutorial – Dotted Lines”

  1. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries 🙂

  2. Zelly Jeffers says:

    Thanks! Needed a refresher.

  3. Terry Mahy says:

    Dunno, probably because indesign is more of a layout program rather than an “from the ground up” image creation program. Thanks 🙂

  4. Catalina Rigo says:

    You made it so easy. Why is it not as in In design? Thanks a lot!

  5. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries, thank you :)

  6. Joy Manoleros says:

    You just saved me loads of time! After using Photoshop for 20+ years I’m muscling my way through Illustrator…. not always intuitive. THANKS!

  7. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries, glad i could help 🙂

  8. Frank Holguín says:

    Thanks, me and my wife were trying hard to find the way, and you made it really fast and simple. Keep the great work.

  9. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries, thanks for the comment :)

  10. dggd says:

    I agree Terry, sometimes we don’t want to re-invent the wheel…we just want to get it turning. lol Thank you so much for the simple instruction! Appreciated!

  11. Terry Mahy says:

    All good. I have found illustrator often has complex answers for simple questions 🙂

  12. Ceri Lines says:

    Thanks for this! Surprisingly hard to find simple functions in Illustrator sometimes 🙂

  13. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries, thanks man 🙂

  14. lgadwords says:

    Great tutorial, beats reading the help section. Thanks mate.

  15. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries :)

  16. Anna Sachdeva says:

    Thank you for your help! I realized my line weight was off – problem solved!

  17. Terry Mahy says:

    You have to set the end cap to round. This is found right next to the stroke weight.

  18. Anna Sachdeva says:

    My dashed line has dashes instead of circles. The dash value is 0 pt. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong!

  19. Terry Mahy says:

    There is a link at the bottom of the description that will take you to my blog which has a written version of this. You might find it easier to follow.

  20. JoAnne McArdle says:

    Why am I the only one that can’t do this?? LOL

  21. Terry Mahy says:

    Thanks :)

  22. Samuel Peters says:

    love your work!

  23. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries :P

  24. plus18HC says:

    Cheers Kiwi 🙂

  25. Terry Mahy says:

    Thanks 🙂

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