Photoshop Tutorial – Comic Book Effect Part 1

Photoshop Tutorial - Comic Book Effect Part 1

How to create a comic book effect using Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace option and Adobe Photoshop. This is the first coloring part View Part 2: http://www.yo…

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22 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial – Comic Book Effect Part 1”

  1. Erik Flood says:

    Fuck the haters, I think its Awesome that you are sharing your knowledge.
    Cheers, Moondog

  2. kalrathia2 says:

    Thank you very much

  3. Magik Gosu says:

    o skurwysyn jaki niedojebany

  4. dpisaacs says:


  5. Joe Nickens says:

    fuck i dont have illustrator

  6. THOMAS STOKES says:

    How Much Will Yu Charge If I Wanted Yu To Turn MY Mixtape Cover Into A
    Comic Looking Mixtape Cover ?

  7. MrSoskiKrota says:

    too bad this isnt even HD 🙁

  8. MO FO says:


  9. 999GHz says:


  10. JayGeePee1 says:

    Instead of using the magic eraser tool in photoshop to get rid of the
    white. In illustrator before you apply a live trice of your image, go to
    Object then to Live Trace and then over to Tracing Options. When the
    Tracing Options pops up look to the right under Tracing Settings. Under
    Tracing Settings at the very bottom there is a check box with “Ignore
    White” next to it. Click it. Now your traced image will not have a white

  11. Soviet UnionRu says:

    Lol C-men (semen( XD

  12. maximusdoomed says:

    Cool…nice job. LOL and funny

  13. MrAirsoftB52 says:

    Awesome! Sheldon and the other guys from Big Bang Theory!

  14. Sonu Singh says:

    Good one. I like it :))

  15. elisa m says:

    sound ??? bad sound

  16. jord8493 says:

    all i hear is yoddy yoddy ya

  17. CowsInHats says:

    is the c men the big bang theory ?!?!

  18. Roman Holtwick says:

    maybe drunk…

  19. thatguy6002 says:

    c-men lol



  21. Jerold Blount says:

    15 year old Charlie Chaplin… no mustache

  22. Dan Rhue says:

    Ah thank you for this video! I will be exploring this in much detail..

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