3d’s Max Particle tutorials Advanced Explosion

3d's Max Particle tutorials Advanced Explosion

Hello my friends. I’m just trying to share some informative and knowledgeable videos with those people who wants to learn about more their subject. Please sh…
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7 responses to “3d’s Max Particle tutorials Advanced Explosion”

  1. soopacoopatroopa says:

    I didn’t realize this was using the Pflow plugin until 25 minutes in, is
    there a way of getting Pflow for free?

  2. NLonschool says:

    Hey, can you please send me Pflow to me too? I have student version of 3DS
    max, without Pflow. thanks

  3. Shailesh Chaturvedi says:

    where can i download pflow-Aburn plugin from plzz do let me know


  4. UpperStep96 says:

    Hi, neither do I, I subscribed to your channel, your tutorials are great!
    May I leave you my e-mail too?

  5. okashah shah says:

    Dude i dont have the afterburn options in Environment and Effects menu
    where u add atmosphere effects if these are plugins then from where you got

  6. Minar Malhotra says:

    yes sure UpperStep96

  7. Minar Malhotra says:

    My friend send me your email id i’ll send you the plugin according to your
    software version

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