Basic iMovie “How to Use” Tutorial!

Basic iMovie

Hey guys, as a final project in my senior class, I had to make an iMovie tutorial. To benefit those who are unsure how to use iMovie, I uploaded this is the …

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16 responses to “Basic iMovie “How to Use” Tutorial!”

  1. abby lopez says:

    can you monetize your vids if you do this>?

  2. shauna o says:

    Thank you for making this, helped for my last minute video project for
    school. If only you could have described how to finalize the iMovie project
    i wouldn’t have to use any other informational vid

  3. Meshary alo says:

    Thanks a lot .. Great video

  4. Arin Atabekian says:

    because i recorded a video and now when i play it and try to edit and stuff
    its red and green… like the whole thing

  5. Arin Atabekian says:

    how do u change it from red to normal?

  6. kira Brown says:

    how do you download imovie

  7. SquishyTeddyBearsOfAwesomeness says:

    How do u put in audio? Like, your voice that is not in the vid?

  8. Taylor Brown says:

    SWEET VIDEO! Helped a lot!

  9. SquishyTeddyBearsOfAwesomeness says:

    I mean pc

  10. nedyA ressiV says:

    dat outro

  11. Bill D Taylor says:

    Great job with the tutorial.. Thanks for sharing.

  12. SquishyTeddyBearsOfAwesomeness says:

    I mean poo I have a PvZ

  13. alanoud alrajhi says:

    thank you so much <333

  14. coolguy123541 says:

    Does this only work with i phone ir can u use it with an ipod

  15. SquishyTeddyBearsOfAwesomeness says:


  16. pianopup203 says:

    If you have a Mac, it should already be downloaded on to your computer.
    Just search “iMovie” into Finder. If you have a PC, then you can download
    it off of the internet. Btw, I LOOOOOOVE your profile pic of Rikki! <3

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