Dreamweaver CS6 – Easy CSS Navigation Menu

Dreamweaver CS6 - Easy CSS Navigation Menu

In this video tutorial I do my best to go slow, but not too slow. Trying to cater to the beginner group was the goal of this video tutorial. Note: This video…
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16 responses to “Dreamweaver CS6 – Easy CSS Navigation Menu”

  1. Anthony Marchese says:

    Dreamweaver CS6: Easy CSS Navigation Menu.

  2. Gershon Dharmanandan says:

    how can i get rid of the space between the buttons?

  3. Shah Bokhari says:

    Hello Anthony, It couldn’t be simpler than this. Awesome tutorial!
    Seriously. And Your Site looks simple but Exceptional. New Idea. I like
    that. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

  4. Ivana Komatina says:

    excellent post! you are really helping me with studying Dreamweaver :D

  5. Angus Dolan says:

    you are a genius! thanks allot :D

  6. eosine says:

    Can you tell me how I make all menu items fixed width, regardless the
    textiel it contains ?

  7. c cc says:


  8. Mari selvam adhi says:

    Awesome tutorial.

  9. Diogo Cunha says:

    hi , thanks for the vid.
    I wanted to put a submenu in my navigation menu , how can i do that , can
    you explain it?

  10. thio danny says:

    i did this but it doesnt work with my external CSS can uhelp

  11. saranghae510 says:

    I got to the finished product, but there is still a dotted text box still
    showing behind the texts “home, services, products, contact”, and whenever
    I try to hover over any of the words it won’t switch to a pointing
    hand/click into option, or doesn’t change colour :(

  12. Jaimin Marfatia says:

    when I run it in firefox the top margin function doesn’t work..

  13. dragondanny2 says:

    IN the style “Display:inLine”, what would i need to do if i wanted the nav
    bar going down (and no bullet points) looking like this:


  14. Ashleybradbury says:

    yes that was what I was reffering to that, i apologise sweet, well i’m
    looking forward to seeing your tutorials on how to make the multi-level
    drop down and also learning how to use imagery instead of colours on the
    menu. Quite frankly, this is the best tutorial I’ve seen on YouTube because
    it’s clear, it’s using up-to-date software (CS6 which I have) and it’s not
    complex compared to others. Keep up the good work mate

  15. Anthony Marchese says:

    Sure, a color or an image will work. I’ll be doing a video soon on how to
    do it with images. If your site is on your local hard drive, you will need
    to upload it to a web host or if you have the knowledge, host it on your
    local computer at home. 🙂

  16. Ashleybradbury says:

    I have a question, well 2 questions the first one is that even thought your
    using background colours as rollovers, is there a possibility that I could
    use like my own rollover images as rollovers instead, just like what you
    used in your fireworks tutorial and also, I have my own website thats on my
    HDD, so what do I put in the link section of the code? You will have to
    forgive as it’s my first time developing a website properly

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