3ds Max: Building realistic textures and materials | lynda.com tutorial

3ds Max: Building realistic textures and materials | lynda.com tutorial

This 3ds Max tutorial explores the best practices for creating realistic skins and textures on a surface. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/3ds-Max-2010-tut…

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10 responses to “3ds Max: Building realistic textures and materials | lynda.com tutorial”

  1. GusMOfficialChannel says:

    Congratulations, I learned nothing :D

  2. debix says:

    Thanks.. some really good advice.

  3. rurzan says:

    All you people complaining and down voting don’t realize this video
    actually gives very important advice. If you can only create 3D stuff when
    shown excatly what to type and click in a specific program then you’re not
    really a good 3D artist and you don’t get the essence of it all.

  4. TonyTwoToes6669 says:

    haha the voice is of Steve who teaches at VVC hahaI heard he was going to
    be doing tutorials, never thought I would hear it though!

  5. JakeAndAngusMovies says:

    sounds a little like Jeff bridges !!

  6. 0buttman0 says:

    And I said calling THIS video in particular a tutorial is just pathetic…
    telling us super obvious facts about how things look like in real life?!!?
    no hate dude but … Nothing to learn here !!!

  7. DreamWizard9 says:

    I learned so much from this! It’s amazing

  8. Abdul Shahid says:

    Thumbs up for Steve Nelle

  9. 0buttman0 says:

    calling this tutorial is just pathetic…

  10. bondzododa says:

    Great advice to get one thinking about the creative process, see the forest
    and look at the trees. Thanks.

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