3DsMax VRay – Modeling, Lighting & Rendering

3DsMax VRay - Modeling, Lighting & Rendering

Recording of the FREE Webinar! I’ll be covering a lot of important stuff for proper Interior Scene Setup with 3Ds Max and VRay. Click the LINK below to get t…
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13 responses to “3DsMax VRay – Modeling, Lighting & Rendering”

  1. James Montana says:

    I thought you would apply glass material on Window but instead you used
    v-ray light then you turn it invisible? Could you please explain that how
    it works?

  2. s kumar says:

    thanks for your great lessons. 

  3. Meano Meto says:

    amazing thanxxx

  4. DaN Alves de Oliveira says:

    This is my PC: 8GB ram, 1TB hd, Core I7 3.40 ghz, graphics gt 630 2 gb
    ddr3. Can I do this kind of work with this computer? Thanks.

  5. Ravindu Abeygunasekara says:

    what is critical to do advanced animations? a good RAM or the Processor?

  6. bryan lim says:

    first time i encounter a dwg file, is that the file format for 3ds max what
    is dwg ? is it something like autocad? i have seen b4 an autocad but i
    havent got to use one because i’m focusing on other 3d softwares like maya
    and blender and i wanted to learn 3ds max and render photorealistic scene

  7. i gusti ngurah kade yudiana says:

    thank’s for tutorial. very good

  8. Basheer M says:

    very use full video

  9. denchiC says:

    Hi. Thank you for the tutorial, it’s very helpful. Why use light portals on
    windows at all? Can’t sun already penetrate through holes in the wall?

  10. Divia Aranha says:

    Amazing video tutorial! I never make to even halfway of the long ones but I
    found this very helpful and interesting to follow. Love the organized way
    in which you work as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    – V-Ray Newbie


    i want learn vray with 3dmax plz guide me eatthlink3d@gmail.com

  12. Thein Soe says:


  13. Luis Ricardo Mença says:

    Hey, excellent tutorial, but i do have a doubt, it may appear silly , but i
    didnt find it out yet. Why does when you close your line it automatically
    apears a corner around the shape you created? Mine is not doing this and
    wonder to know why..


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