Dreamweaver CS6 tutorial: Creating a mobile layout | lynda.com

Dreamweaver CS6 tutorial: Creating a mobile layout | lynda.com

This Dreamweaver tutorial shows how to ensure your new web site displays correctly on mobile devices and tablets with Live View, media queries, and some CSS …
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16 responses to “Dreamweaver CS6 tutorial: Creating a mobile layout | lynda.com”

  1. lisbeth sissel says:

    Listening to the way the narrator said the word ‘content’ made me want to
    quit web development. It’s discouraging to watch average people succeeding
    at things they never could have done if the internet had not murdered the
    creative arts. 

  2. Julius Rox says:

    Great tutorial !! Every single time again..

  3. GaffyTube says:

    it is easy

  4. Ashleybradbury says:

    This website you guys have created, is this through HTML5 and CSS3?

  5. lynda.com says:

    You’re welcome! If you email your specific question to ts@lynda.com, they
    may be able to help you troubleshoot your issue or point you to a relevant
    tutorial. Hope this helps!

  6. scarecrovv says:


  7. Kineticartist says:

    you need to add a special meta tag that kills the mobiles browser from
    scaling large websites since I cant post html here you will go here

  8. ود علم الهدي says:

    create a mobile size by 240 px * 320 px

  9. Jenny Chu says:

    Urgent- I’m trying to make my dreamweaver site accessible for mobile
    devices. On a lot of sites there is the “reader” button in the URL which
    takes the page to a simple black and white PDF form. How do I do this for
    my site?

  10. getdptube says:

    hi thank you for this wonderful tutorial i am very new in dreamweaver and i
    got a question to ask how do i create an upload site? where i can upload
    pictures music and videos? this is hard for mw because i dont know how i
    can create this different pages on DM and link them ok thats a stu[od
    question i dont know how to explain what i want

  11. lynda.com says:

    Hi, Mique. That’s a good question. If you email it to ts@lynda.com, they
    may be able to point you to a specific tutorial or help troubleshoot with

  12. Ashleybradbury says:

    How do you make the website resize itself? for like tablets?

  13. Adrian Witzil says:

    Hey. Nice video. How would I be able to move the media query files/css
    files from one folder to another and relink/call them back to the html file?

  14. Christian Solorzano says:

    How the heck do people code by hand? It’s like learning another language.

  15. Mique CL says:

    Hello Lynda… I’m just experimenting with this, and I just applied it to a
    website,. It works well when I change the size of the browser on a
    computer, but when I try it on my iphone, it doesn’t… Any clues about
    what could be the problem? Thanks.

  16. Nathan Wun says:

    Haters gonna hate

    Ignore lisbeth… everyone talks different, in my opinion, this is a
    tutorial and she says the words very clearly, which is the
    purpose of a tutorial, so it’s good…
    P.S. quit now if a “narrators” voice has the power to make you want
    to quit.. something so little like that, your making a big deal out of
    it… don’t like it don’t watch, simple.

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