Huzzaz WordPress video gallery tutorial

Huzzaz WordPress video gallery tutorial

A screencast to show how to easily embed a Huzzaz video gallery in to a WordPress website. Huzzaz video galleries allows you to easily curate videos and embe…

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4 responses to “Huzzaz WordPress video gallery tutorial”

  1. HBVideocast says:

    I’ve figured it all out now. You guys have a diamond here! I gladly paid
    the $20 donation! Well done, I think you may have solved some problems for
    me! Thank you!

  2. Nathan Devery says:

    apparently its just to embed huzaazzes videos, not your own…… huh????

  3. HBVideocast says:

    I’ve just installed the plugin but I haven’t found the settings panel

  4. James Huzzaz says:

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