JavaScript CSS Custom Drop Down Menu System Tutorial Validated HTML5

JavaScript CSS Custom Drop Down Menu System Tutorial Validated HTML5

Code: Tutorial for creating custom JavaScript and CSS drop down menu systems for your website. Exploring Javascri…

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18 responses to “JavaScript CSS Custom Drop Down Menu System Tutorial Validated HTML5”

  1. Malthe Petersen says:

    Hi Adam.
    I can’t get the code to work.
    I have tried to make a test, so that I just copy/paste all the code from
    your website. The css and all that works fine, but I can’t get the menu to
    I have tried to test the fadeEffects.js too, and it should work properly. I
    have tried both Firefox and Chrome, none of them works.

    I hope you can help me!
    Btw. Nice videos you are making, I like watching them!

    Regards Malthe.

  2. Matías Contreras says:

    Dear Adam, your videos are the best :D. When are you gonna do a video
    series of iphone/smartphone development? Im looking forward to it, I have
    learned a lot with your tutorials. Best regards from Chile.

  3. flangofas says:

    thanks for your help!

  4. Mike Nick says:

    so.., did you get a hot chicks? : )

  5. Isaac Price says:

    Or fondle your balls myself… whichever you prefer.

  6. Gary Robinson says:

    Hi there.. im trying to design a webpage..for my tshirt printing business..
    where people can make there own.. where they can click on colours and a
    t-shirt will change colour and if they want text on it.. etc etc and all
    sizes as well.. could u do a video or videos on this for me as im stuck..
    much appreciation

  7. lightandsounder says:

    I love you so much! I would also be very interested in web design for
    mobile, but am figuring it out, sortof.

  8. denno021 says:

    in a very technical way, Adam has already shown how you create smartphone
    apps :). As all smartphones allow HTML5, you can create your app that way,
    which is by far the easiest way and allows all devices to use it. However
    I’m sure you’re talking about native app development, but just thought I’d
    make you aware of the HTML5 option, if you didn’t already know :).

  9. robin jain says:

    dear sir this video is very helpful for me thanks adam sir.. thank u very

  10. Abdulrahman Aloraini says:

    Thank you Adam شكرا جزيلا 😀

  11. juli20pokemaster says:

    😀 Thanks I really enjoy your videos!

  12. James Stowe says:

    I don’t get it, tried what you said but doesn’t work in Chrome. Works in
    IE, FF and Safari. In Chrome the menu works the first time but then it
    appears to be behind the the page contents, half visible.

  13. flangofas says:

    Hey Adam why you do not use html5 tags? for example, and you rather using
    div id=”header” instead of header?

  14. Anuj Kaithwas says:

    that is really sick dude.

  15. James Stowe says:

    Hi Adam, I have got this working in FireFox, IE10 and Safari , but it
    doesn’t work properly in Chrome. In Chrome the drop down menu works
    initially , but the second second it’s kind of invisible and the links
    won’t respond. It’s almost like it’s behind the div, any ideas?

  16. Isaac Price says:

    Hey thanks… I try.

  17. WickedThots says:

    These are literally the best tutorials I have found on the internet. Thanks

  18. James Stowe says:

    got it to work with fadeEffects.js, but couldn’t get it to work with jQuery

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