Rotoscoping/Rotobrushing – All Files Included | After Effects CS6 Tutorial

Rotoscoping/Rotobrushing - All Files Included | After Effects CS6 Tutorial

Eli teaches you the basics of the Rotobrush tool in After Effects CS6! Ch-Ch-Check It’s Page: Ch-Ch-Check It Fan Creation…
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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17 responses to “Rotoscoping/Rotobrushing – All Files Included | After Effects CS6 Tutorial”

  1. Igor Bajic says:

    Ok so i did this as you instructed in the tutorial, and after I place the
    roto layer above the text layer The guy I rotod out gets above the text but
    the text can also be seen trough the guy? The only difference is that I
    gave an animation to the text, the text drops in before the guy goes over
    it and fly’s out after the guys passes it. In this case is there anything I
    need to do differently?

  2. ExtremeEncounter says:

    There are quite a bit of dislikes, probably because of the god awful music
    in the beginning. 

  3. ageswagg says:

    why didnt u play it after u done….. where is the link to ur videoo

  4. Rory Quinn says:

    You seem like a decent guy, and i was going to rip on you, but because your
    video was actually helpful, I’m goin to give you some advise instead. Dont
    say things like “I..I..I dont know, I’m not very smart you guys, I’m just
    gangster I guess”, or things like ” oh my head got cut off, that was
    scary!”, dont say things like that, especially in that annoying voice you
    do when you said both these things. Makes you sound like a douche. Cheers
    for the tutorial

  5. monacreida says:

    Hello! I have a question, I did everything as you said and it went great
    BUT if i go like 10 frames ahead there is no Rotoscoping, so it’s like I
    have to do it all over again frame by frame? I don’t get it. what did I do
    wrong? :'( Please help me 🙁 🙁 :(

  6. jackie H says:

    very helpful tutorial!

  7. rokinskis11 says:

    like if you muted the sound at 10:43


    My lord. Another painful tutorial. I’m sure it could have been a good
    tutorial. However, you jump around too much, you move and click your cursor
    randomly too many times, and you didn’t show the finished product. You
    should take some tips from Blue Lightening TV’s tutorial style.

  9. keiseyku says:

    i didn’t want to look ridiculous so i liked the vid haha

  10. ISuperGenXI says:

    How do I make a straight line with the Roto?

  11. Erin Lemkey says:

    loved your ad-lib. gangster!

  12. M0TYSHIZ says:

    Loving the character and humor you put in your tutorials, Eli!

  13. earnz24 says:

    Thanks man it’s helpful :)

  14. Bill Tull says:

    Nice tutorial, thank’s, keep up the good work…

  15. Indika Wickramaratne says:

    life saver 

  16. Lisa Blood says:

    Your voice sounds so different here! I love you babe! <3

  17. 8Boy Entertainment says:

    THANKS DUDE!!!!!

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