Learn 3ds Max Vol 4 : Textures and UVW Mapping

Learn 3ds Max Vol 4 : Textures and UVW Mapping

Learn 3ds Max as youve never seen it! with this Elephorm Training DVD containing hours of video tutorials. View the excerpt on the Textures and UVW Mapping. …

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11 responses to “Learn 3ds Max Vol 4 : Textures and UVW Mapping”

  1. Motionless24 says:

    i got it.. (after u have apllied a taxture on a material) once you have an
    editable poly u click on the modifire list ont the right side u get a list
    of many things, u scroll down to “uvw map” (it will be near the very
    bottom) once u get the lightbulb and a small + sign in the box on the right
    u click on + sign and gizmo should come up right under it.. click this and
    u can resize rotate do anything with the texture.. no need for cameras or
    anything.. :)

  2. Motionless24 says:

    u can simply aline it the way u like by clicking something from the uvw
    mapping in the didatble poly mode just cant remember what.. u dont need
    messing around with annoying cameras

  3. Nipin Lal says:


  4. guns102 says:

    Say I want to make the droplet go over multiple surfaces and change every
    time it encounters a new texture is that possible? or can the droplet only
    be set to 1 camera? if so I thought of a good idea :P

  5. cyber797 says:

    You didnt make it clear if you thought this video was an exception 🙂

  6. Oguz Guven says:

    I learned something new. thank you

  7. Hassan el hachimi says:

    thank you

  8. fantomkilla07 says:

    how is it that you make it sound interesting???? everyone else on this uv
    mapping vids have sent me to sleep. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?

  9. Daya Nithi says:

    Good one – you have explained very vividly and thanks.

  10. wildboy789789 says:

    VERY cool

  11. EVEplanB says:

    Most the tutorials on youtube for this topic suck.

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