Wix HTML 5 Website Tutorial – How To Build a Website Through Wix

Wix HTML 5 Website Tutorial - How To Build a Website Through Wix

http://www.RealEstateInYourTwenties.com Visit Wix Here: http://goo.gl/fFJ1J. Learn to create your own free html 5 website using Wix.com! Learn step by step h…
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18 responses to “Wix HTML 5 Website Tutorial – How To Build a Website Through Wix”

  1. ferdjewel madriaga says:


  2. Kuntong Hou says:

    Thank you! 

  3. AJ SplitZ says:

    Thank you great video man

  4. ZiFunkyMage says:

    Not everyone is like you man

  5. Reece Fletcher says:

    (Which I use, is $249.99)

  6. MrVarun2020 says:

    Thanks man

  7. puneet revankar says:

    what if i already have a domain of my own . where can i enter my domain
    which i purchased ??

  8. Max and Killian Productions says:

    it takes a long time to load…..

  9. TheLastOfUs says:

    is wix free?

  10. Reece Fletcher says:

    This way is for dummies and is cheating. Use dream weaver and code it from
    scratch like I did

  11. florisss10 says:

    can you also make a comment section ?

  12. Tar Beaty says:

    Brandon, I want to add MLS and Advance Search routines. Are apps available
    for this purpose?

  13. JosephVFitness says:

    Great job, BRANDON! Totally professional. Great delivery and communication.
    No doubt you likewise run your business as such. Kudos!

  14. me373 says:

    unless wix blocks it some way, you can avoid the upgrade to get rid of the
    ‘bunch of crappy letters’ he spoke of by using free domain forwarding and
    site masking feature in your domain registrar account. use the free wix but
    buy the domain from somewhere else. I use regfactory but others should be
    the same. that way when someone goes to your site they will see your real
    domain address and not the wix ‘crappy letters’.

  15. jan cj perera says:


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  18. hamed Farhat says:

    thanx man, great work!

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