Tutorial – Create A YouTube Style Button Using HTML/CSS3

Tutorial - Create A YouTube Style Button Using HTML/CSS3

A video tutorial showing how to quickly create a button similar to the “Create Account” button displayed on the YouTube homepage using HTML and CSS3. Using t…

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10 responses to “Tutorial – Create A YouTube Style Button Using HTML/CSS3”

  1. UrbyCZ says:

    Thank you :)

  2. NoharmPLus sub says:

    @morehawes quick question how do i change the sizes of the button that you
    have just created, thanks

  3. currymonster says:

    your awesome

  4. BaiatFinutzIonut says:

    Thx very much !

  5. Fred Ngoulou says:

    i made a button that sents you to this video 😀

  6. Daxterity says:

    Nice tut thx

  7. alex white says:

    you need to change the padding size, or the width size width:(x amount)px;

  8. ItzZoMbIEZ says:

    Amazing, someone finally shows me how to do those rounded corners without

  9. Bogdan Alex says:

    Thanks man! You really helped me.

  10. morehawes says:

    @sachin limbu you can do this a few ways: 1/ Increase the padding on the
    button e.g a.button { padding: 16px 32px;} 2/ Increase the font size e.g
    a.button { font-size: 2em;} 3/ Set a width / height e.g. a.button { width:
    200px; height: 100px;} The numbers I have chosen are random so you will
    want to adjust accordingly.

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