3ds max tutorial: chair basics part 1

3ds max tutorial: chair basics part 1

Create an interestingly shaped chair on 3Ds Max. Use the skills to build other intricate forms.
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14 responses to “3ds max tutorial: chair basics part 1”

  1. bigfilsing says:

    would be nice if the commentary matched what was happening on screen 

  2. Yahiya Jasem says:

    but before posting the next tut, what’s the wrong with voice? this tut was
    useful anyway.. thanks

  3. Abner Jr. Paredes says:

    Nice floor, do you have a tutorial for that? and also creating maps in pshop

  4. makulero says:

    actually, the sound doesn’t follow the video or viceversa

  5. Jackin Kırık Kalbi says:

    Hi! Where is part 2? 🙁

  6. Esperant says:

    Ah, i see what you’re saying,, Will check it out and add the very first

  7. PeaceUN says:

    where can i found second part ?

  8. railpressureflip says:

    You skipped more than half the important steps.

  9. Ana Sidorova says:

    so difficult to understand when voice seperate to the video moves..fix it..

  10. Lobna Saleh says:

    the video is not going with the voice plz fix it

  11. Jorge Guzman says:

    please second part it is awesome!

  12. mohammd alnadawi says:


  13. Abrar Sandh says:

    where is the 2nd part of this tutorial ..??

  14. Van Dau says:

    I’m waiting for the next part !!! thanks alot!

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