Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Basic Logo Making

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Basic Logo Making

Hope this helps you! Use my previous tutorial (3D Text to 2D Logo Transition ) with this one 😀 Roddenberry Font: Vado…
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13 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Basic Logo Making”

  1. Chlysm says:

    ummm, why not?

  2. TheJoekerism says:

    @ImSAND3R I might do a font pack for 3k 😀

  3. WhizGFX says:

    Can u make me logo? <3

  4. TheJoekerism says:

    @WhizGFX You can make your own after watching this tutorial xD 🙂

  5. TheJoekerism says:

    @Fraqzeh Thanks mate <3

  6. TheJoekerism says:

    @guruBraniac Thankyou 🙂

  7. TheJoekerism says:

    @FruitAndBerry Thanks, the links are up xD

  8. Kweamod says:

    Thats not Logo Making, thats just Font twitching…

  9. TheJoekerism says:

    @R7oX3n Thanks, mate 🙂 Hope you like the 100th video when it arrives 🙂

  10. bos34ton says:

    I can’t wait for the 100th

  11. Cheryl Sillacay says:

    thanks for sharing this..

  12. FruitAndBerry says:

    Nice 😀 little heads up, the links aren’t in the description for the font 😛

  13. TheJoekerism says:

    @GHSxXx Lol, srry man xD

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