HTML5 Tutorial – 1 – Introduction

HTML5 Tutorial - 1 - Introduction

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21 responses to “HTML5 Tutorial – 1 – Introduction”

  1. XxxChrisTheBestxxX says:

    Im about to watch all his HTML5 tutorial. i have a question: THESE

  2. Slender Man says:

    Wait …. this video was uploaded in 6.11.2011 г. and HTML5 was released
    in end of 2012 . WTF ?

  3. DDJ rox says:

    lol i just use Programmer’s notepad excatly the same as notepad++ 

  4. Mike Bertelsen says:

    Guys, this video is from 2011, a lot has happend since.

  5. Reginald McGhee says:

    You forgot to mention that Notepad++ is free. 

  6. Cleye Jensen says:

    Sublime Text 2 ftw

  7. Ronan Clancy says:


  8. Games. says:

    Sorry for spam ;( you’re still an awesome teacher

  9. Nikola Nikolic says:

    where can i download this please tell me.

  10. Chhoerng BunChhom says:

    How to Learn HTML5

  11. Denis admin says:

    great videos bucky

  12. TheStolenBattenberg says:

    Once I heard him talking about getting editors, I couldn’t resist making
    one just so I could do these tutorials… Hopefully I’ll learn some stuff
    here so I can add some features… :P

  13. Eslam Emam says:


  14. Thành Nguyễn says:

    do you have 720p video quality?

  15. Dharmesh Gohil says:

    u rock nice job bro and tank u so much 🙂 

  16. Goke Aruna says:

    well done Bucky, Can you do some perl videos for the beginner?

  17. Milind Khadase says:

    thnx really gr8 videos…

  18. md mohshin says:

    You are an awesome Tutor. really i like your job.. 

  19. Dilip Nazareth says:


  20. 刘逸硕 says:

    just found this channel, sweet :-p

  21. wu milon says:

    it’s really helpful. thank you very much!

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