Learn to Code 2013: HTML Tutorial #1

Learn to Code 2013: HTML Tutorial #1

Learn how to create your own website from scratch! Enjoy. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, f…
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9 responses to “Learn to Code 2013: HTML Tutorial #1”

  1. leo michael says:

    Really liked the vid. Didn’t think it would be that good but you proved me
    wrong 😉

    Hope to see some more!

  2. Alex Tkachev says:

    HTML: Rules.

  3. Rickard Weed says:

    This kid is like 14 and pro at html coding, im fucking 18 and suck at it

  4. TemperedChromeGaming says:

    The magic time? Pretty sure that happens in the bedroom not your computer.

  5. bar balin says:

    Nice tutorial, hope to learn some more from you.

  6. Curious Chunk says:

    Really liked the vid man, hope to see some more programming tutorials in
    the future!

  7. Nakesha Gordon says:

    Thanks for the video however your screen were a bit blurry.

  8. SeismicSquid says:

    Thanks! I’ll be most likely uploading another HTML one soon although I
    can’t really think of too many other things to cover. Maybe using
    frameworks or something. Maybe even PHP later…

  9. SeismicSquid says:

    Thanks! I’ll probably be uploading some more soon (as in the next vid or
    two). Keep your eye on the subscription feed for it.

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