Lightroom Tutorial: Window Light Edit

Lightroom Tutorial: Window Light Edit

Learn how to edit a great environmental portrait using window light in this tutorial video.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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3 responses to “Lightroom Tutorial: Window Light Edit”

  1. Cristiano M. Dalbem says:

    finally a guy with very good taste doing some educational videos! Thanks
    for that. Also I like how you explain WHY you do the things, like if you
    knew the “science” behind it; that’s something I appreciate very much, and
    really teach us how to have better control over the lights instead of just
    playing with sliders.

  2. Raf Horemans says:

    Really love this one. Very strong image and such a difference post process.
    Your developing style really suits this image. Thanks for making these

  3. iwldfryu says:

    Re-watched this after trying to gain more insight into the Tone Curve; I
    emailed you to get some advice about another photo of yours that I liked.
    I’ve just been using a regular S curve for most of my stuff, but sometimes
    it can seem too harsh. Do you generally move the starting point for the
    shadows up, and the starting point for the highlights down to achieve an
    overall softer look while still maintaining the deeper tones?

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