C# Tutorial #1: The Basics

C# Tutorial #1: The Basics

Part one of my first C# tuturial. This tutorial is for begginers. C# Tutorial Pack R1: adf.ly Microsoft C# 2008: www.microsoft.com Head First C#: www.amazon.com
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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11 responses to “C# Tutorial #1: The Basics”

  1. TheMinecraftPCgamer says:

    + is works when u put &

  2. ethankwhatever says:

    this song is from the portal soundtrack i think

  3. Zeldalover2012 says:

    @DPJFAUG It’s a song from portal, maybe portal 2. It is the final sng in the game.

  4. Metalstrike01 says:

    Wow man you are a big hacker.

  5. Xylogeist says:

    Which one?

  6. DPJFAUG says:

    Like the song.  Who is the artist?

  7. jessehaley615 says:

    I want this video on my S5300 unit.

  8. frode95 says:

    it worked now 😉

  9. frode95 says:

    The “form1.cs” code tab will not open to me :/
    please help me! 🙂

  10. BrianKdoor says:

    @Xylogeist don’t worry about it, I think it’s cool that you were coding even in high school we need more CS people. So I mean you may not have known a whole lot of C# or you may have doesn’t matter. You made a basic tutorial and you’re on your way to being a programmer so you’re on a good path I think
    @hdi08 it’s just a basic program intro it had a hello world, so I think it follows suite with most basic intros chillax promote young programmers

    -Brian Professional C# .Net, Drupal, & PHP Dev.

  11. Xylogeist says:

    Hey Everybody,
    There is a NEW C# series on my channel now that is much better, I put a link to it at the start of this video!
    Rate this up so people will see it please!

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