Part 1 : Vintage Text Tutorial In Adobe Illustrator CS6

Part 1 : Vintage Text Tutorial In Adobe Illustrator CS6

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8 responses to “Part 1 : Vintage Text Tutorial In Adobe Illustrator CS6”

  1. Clarice from Oz says:

    Too fast for me; have you something better for a beginner, please? Also,
    with zoom-in’s of where you’re getting tools from? P.s. I’m now

  2. Ayu369Totoro says:

    great tutorial XD

  3. Michael Perry says:

    Fantastic tut, thanks Will

  4. phaetonx22 says:


  5. Will Paterson says:

    Hi, I got all these fonts from a year of searching the internet for them!
    Check out Dafont and losttype. Hope this helps!

  6. Naomi Saurus says:


  7. ReemCream says:

    Just a request?, Could you perhaps do a tutorial on how to overlay a
    layer.of say colour onto a texture, and make the texture that colour?, if
    it’s not really worthy of a tutorial, just a reply would be fine, thanks,
    loving the videos soo much!!:)

  8. Will Paterson says:

    Thank You! 🙂

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