3dsmax 2012 MASS FX Tutorial-01

3dsmax 2012 MASS FX Tutorial-01

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13 responses to “3dsmax 2012 MASS FX Tutorial-01”

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  3. Gadis Apriliana says:

    GREAT! thanks a lot 🙂
    btw nice music

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  5. Riho Kroll says:

    This isn’t a tutorial, this is somebody doing something in the program. A
    tutorial constitutes an explanation of some sort.

  6. TrailerAsia says:

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  7. Yvonne Watson says:

    where is the composite option? mine doesnt have it… 3DS Max Design 2013

  8. haoxi yang says:
  9. ThysiosX says:

    @rabbykarim I heard Reactor was removed for 2012

  10. Pintoleite3 says:

    what is song, is good

  11. conceptforge says:

    You can’t even see anything. you don’t talk, you don’t see the things you
    are pointing at. Not very helpful.

  12. PanTi says:


  13. Nadine Sibai says:

    Hey, can you please help me out? I have a keyframed animation that plays
    properly when I hit the ‘play animation’ button on the bottom-right part of
    the screen, but whenever I want to start the MassFX stimulation, the
    animation doesn’t play. I’ve already tried hitting both the white play
    button and the grey one, but neither of them play my animation. Might you
    have any idea as to what causes this? Thank you.

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