3ds Max TUTORIAL : V-RAY Rendering

3ds Max TUTORIAL :  V-RAY Rendering

This is the 8th part of the Opera House Modelling tutorials. in this video we render the scene using Vray. Good for 3Ds max users of any level. This is the f…

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6 responses to “3ds Max TUTORIAL : V-RAY Rendering”

  1. Esperant says:

    I will include a link to that tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Esperant says:

    Ah that’s good, glad it’s helpful. 🙂

  3. lifesindreamer says:


  4. oguzgvn says:

    You’re great man 🙂 I like more you than Acrito, hah hah haa 🙂

  5. Gav Sci says:

    Thank you acritomedia for doing these videos

  6. Sumukha Bhasri says:

    where can i find the HDRI images to download

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