Excel Tutorial 1 family budget

Excel Tutorial 1 family budget

In this tutorial I briefly cover putting together a very simple spreadsheet. We do two formulas, one with a function. We also go over the most basic formatting too.
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11 responses to “Excel Tutorial 1 family budget”

  1. CheneyFencing says:

    Super helpful! Thanks!

  2. Dragon B says:

    very nice video!!! Thanks

  3. browneyegirl0508 says:

    how can you do a monthly one?

  4. browneyegirl0508 says:

    you explain it so well!!

  5. browneyegirl0508 says:

    Please where is the next video!! i was getting it whats next?? thank you so much for posting!!

  6. Shawn Liu says:

    Tre’s exellent

  7. dmidnight1 says:

    I like this spreadsheet. It is perfect for my situation.

  8. MrSquareart says:

    thank you for that Great to know!!!!!

  9. 209ms says:

    Thank you very much- this was very helpful.

  10. MARIAGIRAFFE says:

    Thank you…. very useful to me  Prior to viewing your video I was trying to teach myself from a book and not getting anywhere . Now…. I have produced my first Excel holiday budget 

  11. rosrychaplet says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH. i finally learned how to use excel! yay!!!

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