Responsive Web Design Tutorial and Explanation

Responsive Web Design Tutorial and Explanation

In this video we learn what Responsive Web Design is, and how to write the necessary code to create our own custom responsive web layouts. Follow LearnWebCod…

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18 responses to “Responsive Web Design Tutorial and Explanation”

  1. blindsay21 says:

    Great tutorial. thanks as always.

  2. Unique SEO Tips says:

    Very helpful tutorial. Watching this video will help making responsive web
    design easier. This is very timely

  3. Mark Milligan says:

    Excellent Tutorial on Responsive Web Design

  4. Pepin CZ says:

    Very helpful, thanks you very much 🙂 Perfect tutorial :)

  5. ಶ್ರೀಪತಿ ಗೋಗಡಿಗೆ says:

    Very helpful, thanks.

  6. RoyalNickXP says:

    This does’t really help if you’re not using columns.

  7. MrPnew1 says:

    Brad is it ? I would just like to thank you for a great tutorial. You
    explain things so well compared to so many of the so called experts that
    abound on the web. With your tutorial I could just make another css file to
    adjust the page view at a certain screen width so I can really start to
    grasp what is going on with these responsive styles of coding and media
    queries. Thanks, you are The Man.

  8. John Robertson Nocos says:

    I just notice that when you resized the browser window the texts and images
    were resized as well. how did you do that?

  9. Lương Khải says:

    This video is just great for me to understand what responsive web design
    is. However, while watching videos (which have the same topic), a question
    just come out of my head.

    As you know, smartphones now is just powerful and their screen is normally
    in HD or Full HD resolution. So, if we control the layout of the pages by
    detecting the screen resolution, the layout of the page still look like on
    desktop when viewing it on HD/Full HD smartphone.

    Is my thought correct?

    If yes – my question is: “what is the solution for this situation?”

    This is my biggest question when I was watching many other videos about
    this topic. Please lighten me from the darkness.

    Thank you very much……

  10. Junior Porfirio says:

    can you make a tutorial video explaining how you created that simple
    website? it could be great

  11. Botez Sebastian Adrian says:

    Great video, you have + 1 more subscriber!

  12. kelvin benjamin-addy says:

    please i want to know if i have a wrapper of 1000px and a content wrapper
    of 900px how can it be converted into % in responsive

  13. Miriam Hendel says:

    thank you for a great, easy to follow tutorial. you mentioned that you
    would put a link to the code (html and css files) at the end of the video,
    but I didn’t find that? You willing to put those up for download?

  14. mingz says:

    more tutorial please!

  15. neon flux says:

    even though my images are all the same dimensions, I can’t get them to show
    at the same height? They have a staggared effect like steps in full
    desktop view, and they jump all over the place in the tablet size. I’m
    using five columns instead of 3. The only thing I thing that I can think
    of that I may have done wrong is the :before and :after ….. Help please

  16. nHeroGo says:


  17. Milan Golubović says:

    Great, great work! Everything is clear and well explained. Bravo!

  18. Michael Benjamin says:

    Well done. Excellent tutorial. Thanks.

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