Illustrator Typography tutorial | by IModernArts

Illustrator Typography tutorial | by IModernArts

As promised this is a tutorial on how to customize text and make typography in Adobe Illustrator. Please gimme a like!! : )
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14 responses to “Illustrator Typography tutorial | by IModernArts”

  1. SpartanMJO12 says:


  2. bucknasty176 says:

    How did you float your Photoshop interface?

  3. Syafaat Salleh says:

    I got a question. How do I make the words make a spherical shape?

  4. Siraad Garanae says:


  5. Snow S says:

     Thank you

  6. miguelgmusic says:

    Great Job, Thanks for sharing it.

  7. xProjectHD says:

    is there a way to make round text pointy, I want to make a “B” be pointy like a “K”? Any help would be great!

  8. Kaylee Colton Koenig says:

    “I’m gonna add an exclamation point because that’s what typography is all about” haha

  9. Gerlae81 says:

    dpi dot per inch… meaning pixels….

  10. osasp says:

    thats because it is in a the block of text with the direct selection tool (white mouth thing)<-- that made me laugh...and right click, then click ungroup..should be fine from there

  11. Happy Nguyen says:

    Thanks man for the tips! You taught great, be secure in that and teach with confidence! Thanks bro 🙂

  12. Funkdoctahenkie says:

    first do cmd+A, Than click on the ancor point you want to customize. That’s it. 

  13. StraightGrindSG says:

    thank god you didn’t use comic sans

  14. BelindaGoedecke says:


    i have been trying to hours!!!

    whenever i change my text so it has anchor points it doesn’t move the individual points it just moves the whole text as if it hasn’t changed so it has anchor points!?! but it does!!!! please someone help me?!?!?!
    and yes i am using the white mouse thing?!

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