How To Build A WordPress Website – SIMPLE Step-by-Step | Make a Website

How To Build A WordPress Website - SIMPLE Step-by-Step | Make a Website

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22 responses to “How To Build A WordPress Website – SIMPLE Step-by-Step | Make a Website”

  1. Mike Simmons says:

    Learn how to make your own website using WordPress. Step by step, all
    questions answered. :)

  2. Rana Bandyopadhyay says:

    Excellent video

  3. Ctayrroolne says:

    Man Oh Man did I really enjoy this video! I learned so much. Thanks this
    video is priceless! 

  4. Yashadshariff Shariff says:


  5. clarke kent says:

    nice one mike i,ve , been looking for someone like you ,RESPECT BRUV

  6. paducee says:

    Do you recommend using free wordpress or the premium please?

  7. Marty Guegle says:
  8. Mike Simmons says:
  9. Patricia Brown says:

    Hi Mike, your videos have been very helpful. I do have a question. I have
    been having difficulty sub items under my categories and I have followed
    the directions on the tutorial. Do you have any idea what the problem might

  10. Holiday Villas says:

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  11. lawee says:

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  12. elenakaterina says:

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  13. victor andez says:

    Nice job on the video. But a shout out to all the people, do try out
    PayMeZox and be happily amazed.

  14. ivanstipsdotcom says:

    Very informative video tutorial. WordPress is great for business websites.

  15. says:

    Awesome Vid! Great job explaining!

  16. Samantha Jones says:

    this is the third website I built but the first time I’ve used webstarts.
    So far it’s been a good experience I just hope they get some better
    slideshow options.

    Webstarts, com

  17. Carter Fantastic Posts says:

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  18. Wesley Boshoff says:

    Hey Mike, this is really helpful! Thank you so much! I was wondering, in
    this video you mentioned about video two and three regarding widget and
    plugins… What are the titles of these as I really wana make these videos
    count! They are so far the best and most dummy friendly videos!

  19. Gusd Y says:

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  20. Alan Baca says:

    wordpress web

  21. Bala Chandran says:

    Many thanks Mike. When I clicked on to your video tutorial my knowledge
    level was Zero. Your calm relaxed presentation improved my know how made me
    realize I can master this in time.

  22. hanksteelbranch says:

    What a great tutorial, thanks Mike.

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