iMovie Tutorial: The iMovie Interface

iMovie Tutorial: The iMovie Interface Learn how to use Apple iMovie ’08 in a simple, easy way that goes over all of the basics from capturing your video to editing to creating…

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12 responses to “iMovie Tutorial: The iMovie Interface”

  1. PakPrinda says:

    what a lucky guy who gonna marry you

  2. thelittleperfections says:

    I want a Mac…

  3. OopeeShaba says:

    i hear this is a great program. but i have been tainted by itunes and such.

  4. sgarronenenenene says:

    ma sei maschio?

  5. bandarda ghanta says:


  6. Alpine Ruben says:

    expert village???

  7. JeremyBishWEBSHOW says:

    @posertouch2 wut kind 😛

  8. posertouch2 says:

    @JeremyBishWEBSHOW you know like a comedy,drama,adventure, and super
    hardcore sex cuz movie isn’t a movie if there is no sex.

  9. Ashes1falling1 says:

    @Nuclear793 ya it can u probeley dont know how to use it correctly

  10. lifemeansmore1 says:

    U beautiful 🙂

  11. Adam Aqmal says:

    great tutorial..

  12. poopface9676 says:

    it took me FOREVER to find out how to make a new project

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