Photoshop Tutorial – Skull Face

Photoshop Tutorial - Skull Face

Photoshop Skull Face effect – Images link

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16 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial – Skull Face”

  1. E-ZONE says:

    Aksahy ji How do you increase the brush size without going into the tab

  2. Photoshop Tutorials says:

    the video is good but your english is bad :D

  3. Suman Shrestha says:

    First of all which version of photoshop is this and in my photoshop i
    can’t do rasterize layer.

  4. Mochamad Andre Prassetia says:

    i can’t find default tools in photoshop cs5-_- 

  5. Ken Moss says:

    Does this work in Photoshop CC aswell?

  6. Loïc keller says:

    u can give pictures in description plz ? :)

  7. ART DUSHI says:

    why I can’t drag the robot like you

  8. justin traballo says:

    how to rasterize layer?

  9. devilrose24 says:

    same problem i cant rasterize try so many times i have cs3 pls help

  10. benben enonaria says:

    does it works in cs3 also?
    help me, tnx

  11. Fewewew ewewewew says:

    i cant rasterize lol

  12. Jeelan Basha says:

    Awesome you create it with simple techniques
    Thank you for sharing………………………………
    Please upload some more

  13. Derek Westbrook says:

    Thanks for the trick, its really cool. I tried it so easy to follow and not
    complicated. Thanks one more time.
    Here is my result:

  14. Clipping Path Specialist says:

    Where you found this picture. 

  15. Qush FOE Skywalker says:

    Thanks alot this really helped ..

  16. Jerry Singh says:

    Instead of painting all black,press Ctrl+i :)

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